My journey back to Self-Care part 3 – the tools that transformed my life

I’m so grateful that I made a choice to break the cycle of stress, anxiety and feeling of being overwhelmed that was suffocating me and preventing me from living the balanced life I desired. BREATHE: It’s amazing how we actually forget to slow down and just breathe! In the thick of my mini break down,


My journey back to Self-Care – part 2. Living with high functioning anxiety and burnout.

Just before my mum was diagnosed with cancer at the end of 2015, I could feel a huge shift happening inside of me and I had no control over it. I still have trouble putting into words how this shift made me feel but it sent me into a tail spin! It was a real


My journey back to Self-Care – part 1

“Every thought we think is creating our future” Louise Hay Welcome to my Soul Blog! I’m really excited (and a little bit nervous) to be sharing some of my story with you all. These are my own thoughts, experiences, beliefs and opinions and I encourage you to find the things that connect and resonate with