Australian Beauty Starts Within

Beauty Starts Within

“A daily cup of awareness is good for your health”

– Anonymous

It’s in the news somewhere, sometime everyday – how taking care of ourselves affects our bodies and our overall health. Feeling healthy and happy is different for us all, but we can probably all cut down on some of the processed foods we consume (Guilty as charged your Honor – chocolate you are now banished from my fridge!). And start to think about natural, less processed choices – even when cooking try and use less oil, substitute yoghurt for cream (hello carbonara, I do love you still!), use herbs for additional flavour in your salads and drink more and more water (and less and less soft drink).

Gut health has also been hitting the news regularly, along with talk about eating a less acidic diet – we’re not experts in these fields, but it all makes for an interesting read when thinking about how to maximize our health and enjoyment of life. And who doesn’t love the colour that more fruits and vegetables add to your plate? Along with soybeans, tofu, some nuts, seeds and legumes most fruits and veggies promote a more alkaline gut environment to counterbalance the acidity.

And a statistic that may surprise – about 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. Who knew??!!

It feels as though that is not something we hear much talk about, let alone take into account ourselves. And it somehow gives a whole new meaning to ‘nurturing’ the inside. Makes it worth thinking about what goes on – skin care, make-up, toiletries…

What more can we say – natural, Australian skincare, rich in antioxidants and superfoods. Rustic Hyde – all the goodness.