Natural Australian Beauty



“I feel beautiful when I’m at peace with myself”

– Elle Macpherson

Recently reading about natural Australian beauty got us thinking – What is it? And is it the same for us all?
No doubt there are many ways in which people think about how ‘natural Australian’ is defined. Elle McPherson’s description of ‘Strong, natural, authentic, vibrant and dynamic’ seems to cover the range of Australian women who are ‘beautiful’ from within. Like the country we live in, we are diverse yet bound by the commonalities of the Australian way of life and the changing environment we live and co-exist in.

When do you feel most beautiful? Sharing times with friends and family, taking care of yourself, spending time with nature, being in good health and believing in possibilities?
What makes you feel happy is another way of looking at it.

It’s worth thinking about – and then spending more time doing it.
And who doesn’t relate to Elle’s mantra ‘one day at a time’. It’s an oldie but a goodie, and don’t you just wish you could remember it on days when everything seems not so ‘beautiful’ – We hear you!

Ps: Of course we would be remiss not to say that using natural Australian skin care such as Rustic Hyde is helping to make the most of the skin you have – rich in antioxidants and superfoods. Natural and authentic, that’s us! All the goodies!