Vanilla Is Anything But Vanilla!

What is it about a vanilla scented candle? Why Do we love them?

You know the smell – warm, cosy, welcoming, and reminiscent of soooooo many great memories. A warm breeze that envelopes you, the smell (& taste) of chocolate chip cookie dough, cupcakes, vanilla ice cream (so many to choose from), fresh wax on a surfboard (or is that just me?!) and of course the all time fave – a vanilla milkshake.

But did you know that vanilla is one of the most expensive raw products in the world? Coming from a delicate and beautiful orchid, the plant only flowers for a day and is the world’s only fruit producing orchid, – anything but boring, or dare we say vanilla!

And another surprising fact, 30% of Americans prefer vanilla ice-cream. Yes, it’s the numero uno flavour – leaving chocolate a distant second place with only 10% in favour of it. Wow – no wonder we are seeing vanilla chai lattes, and frappe entering the coffee landscape.

Mind you – a vanilla scented candle can give you all that feel-good warmth without the calories. The fragrance is said to reduce stress and anxiety; A blend of spicy and sweet, evoking childhood memories, innocent pleasures and all its milky warmth. Purity & simplicity – now that’s why we all love a vanilla scented candle!

Ps: Oh dear – seems this post could almost be a blatant sales ploy! Particularly given we have just THE vanilla scented candle for you. Our naturally scented hand poured double-wicked soy candle with a burn time of 40 hours is a blend of vanilla bean, musk, and hints of amber, malt & tonka bean – spice and sweetness that is, in a word, just…delicious!

Light it up, walk in, breathe it in, and yes, you are home.