What Do You See? No Really – We’re Asking You

Not everyone is a fan of art museums – too stuffy, too dry, not interesting and even old fashioned are just some of the words people tend to use when explaining why they don’t go.

But… just imagine for a minute if you could write the label for a piece of artwork – your description, your point of view and an alternative story. Different to the original ‘official’ label.

Doesn’t sound real does it, but this is exactly what Prado Museum in Madrid are doing as an open competition – part of their bicentennial celebration to add the voice of the public and new perspectives to the Museum today. All submissions will be published online and the winners will have their piece printed and displayed next to the official label. It’s a bold move really and one that breaks with 200 years of industry tradition.

Art can sometimes feel elitist and exclusive – only for those ‘in the know’ – what a great way to say ‘you don’t need to be an expert in art to enjoy it’ and ain’t that the truth! Sooooo – have a look and submit one yourself. We’re certainly tempted!

Prado Museum Madrid