‘Dreamtime’ Benefits Of Kakadu Plum For Skin…

Don’t you just love the name?

What could be more Australian and reminiscent of our diverse land of extremes? Cold at night and desert-like during the day – that’s our country for you. Extreme. And our skin can be exposed to those extremes, not to mention UV & pollution too. But we digress!

Today we are talking about kakadu plum, also known as ‘Gubinge, Billygoat Plum or Murunga’ and why everyone’s saying how great it is for your skin – it’s the talk of the town at the moment. And why wouldn’t it be?! Kakadu plum is an Australian native superfood, and has been identified as the world’s richest source of vitamin C (at 3000mg of Vitamin C per 100gm of fruit, perhaps 50 times more than an orange – who knew?). It’s said to be full of antioxidants, bioactive and with medicinal properties. Mind you – it’s quite unassuming to look at  – think (small) combination of fig, apple, pear and you can almost picture it.

Understood to be great for every skin type and apparently assists blemish prone skin, its also used by local tribes as an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. The indigenous people use it to help reduce swelling, redness and potentially assist bacteria induced acne – sounds all a bit too good to be true. But it’s what we’re reading – and some of these stories came out years ago, as is often the case with ‘the new best thing’!

Oh, and in case you were wondering about ‘antioxidants’ – they are good for your skin as they work to detoxify and flush out toxins. In this instance, Kakadu Plum not only has Vitamin C but others that are less talked about including Gallic acid and Ellagic acid – all together believed to be good for restoring the natural barrier of the skin and restoring elasticity and suppleness, deeply soothing, brightening and helping to balance the complexion. This superfood is definitely punching above its weight as it fights off free radical damage due to environmental factors. Remember the sun and pollution we mentioned earlier?

And Vitamin C – wow is that a versatile one! Glowing skin, firming, fading acne scarring/dark spots the list just seems to go on…

But really, antioxidants – that’s a whole blog topic in itself! Stay tuned.

Kakadu plum is an indigenous plant and is sustainable. Isolated indigenous communities are able to cultivate and harvest Kakadu Plum which is then used as an ingredient in skincare such as ours. Aboriginal communities have been living in and around Kakadu National Park for thousands of years and have relied on the superfood qualities of the kakadu plum – even a gift of the dreamtime perhaps.

Unfortunately, we can’t take you all to Kakadu to see for yourself but we can offer you a slice of all that they find good in this superfood nugget through incorporating it in your daily skin care regime to help boost your complexion and brighten your skin tone. It’s worth a try, after all there is something for everyone – who knows but this could be what works for you.

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