Are The Benefits Of Rosehip Oil Kate Middletons Secret Weapon For Her Fabulous Skin?

‘Oil, oil everywhere and not a drop to drink’… oh, sorry that should read water. Mind you as this does relate to hydration we really could make it a saying applicable to our skin too – after all there is oil everywhere – but what are the good oils? And what’s good for our skin? And what are the benefits of rosehip oil for our skin?
Rosehip oil is rich in essential fatty acids (yes essential as compared to the other ‘not so’) and antioxidants – both of which are an important part of skin tissue and cell regeneration. Thought to be an oil that helps reduce scars and fine lines its no wonder we are all reaching for some of the ‘good oil’! Its been a common beauty trick in Chile for years and now word is travelling around the globe.

What is Rosehip oil… I hear you say?
Pressed from the fruit and seeds of the rose plant, it differs from Rose oil which is extracted from the rose’s petals. It has been used since ancient times and valued for its healing benefits whilst also believed to have antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties – certainly sounds like an all-rounder that is worth putting on your skin care radar.

Hydration is key for our skin, keeping it soft, supple and, well… hydrated. Think about hot days in the sun or equally cold days in the wind and snow, the pollutants of city life and you’re starting to think about why hydration of your skin is a good thing. With so many fatty acids in it, Rosehip oil is also believed to be good for itchy dry skin – hello season change!

Rosehip oil is non-greasy making it easy for use on all skin types. It helps boost collagen formation which helps keep skin plump. Unfortunately we make less collagen as we get older making an oil like Rosehip oil ideal to assist with elasticity and firmness. Vitamins A & C are essential in collagen formation and Rosehip oil is rich in both of these essential skin vitamins.

And there’s more!
With Vitamin E also contained in Rosehip oil it is believed to help inflammation of the skin, possibly even helping irritated skin conditions. The antioxidant trio of Vitamins A, C & E in Rosehip oil are thought to also help with sun damage, possibly even reducing the effects of sun exposure.

As with any new product do your usual skin test first on a small area – just to make sure you’re not allergic. It’s rare but with any new product you use it can happen.

In essence if Kate Middleton* is using Rosehip oil it’s obviously fit for a queen (I know – we just couldn’t resist that one!). Her skin looks radiant. Or is that just the ‘no meals to cook or house to clean’ part of her life?! Hmmm… oh, I dream!

And on a final note – what could be better than organic. We just have to make sure you know that the Rosehip oil in our Rustic Hyde CoQ10 & Rosehip complex oil is nature’s finest – organic and true.

From where we sit we love the description of our organic Rosehip Oil as being a multi-vitamin for your skin. And what’s not to love about that?