The Daily Drill?!

The Daily Drill…Skin Care Basics


“I regret taking such good care of my skin.”


Its often surprising how far we can get through life without knowing about a few skincare basics – how to make the most of what of we’ve got, so to speak!
With that in mind here’s what one could call ‘the daily drill’ – the basics to take care of your skin.


Wake up – shower using something subtle, but cleansing, for the skin

Cleanse and tone skin

Apply eye cream to delicate area around the eyes using a dabbing/patting motion

Apply moisturizer to face & ‘decolletage’ (sounding like a great southern lady from Alabama whilst doing so!)

Finally apply your make up over moisturizer – and of course don’t forget to brush your teeth and get dressed for the day too

Then, most importantly, get on with your day


Wash away the sins of the day! Our skin, like our body, does its best renewing & repairing work overnight

Cleanse your skin and remove make-up and mascara

Tone or hydrate

Moisturise – face, delicate eye area & neck/chest (décolletage if you don’t mind – again, great word!) choose an antioxidant moisturiser and/or oil rich in vitamins A,B3,C & E such as Rustic Hyde antioxidant face cream and/or Coq10 & rosehip complex oil. This helps keep skin cells healthy and nourished, fight free radical damage & prevent premature ageing.



Twice weekly in the shower is easiest simply massage it into your face and wash off letting the Rustic Hyde bamboo granules gently do their work. This helps to remove dead skin cells that build up and keeps the skin glowing.


We live in a sunburnt country – take care and apply regularly. Living in Australia we can’t avoid the sun and we’re lucky to have so much of it, but it’s best to protect yourself with SPF, a hat and sunglasses. The damage caused by sun exposure is said to account for 90% of premature ageing so a good quality sunscreen could almost be considered one of the best anti ageing products around.


Use of a hydration mist throughout the day to maintain hydration (doh!). Use before & after exercise, time in the sun, working in air-con, in fact anytime. And can be used over make-up. Simply close your eyes and spray the mist directly onto the face, letting the fine spray mist dry naturally. On hot days place your mist in the fridge for an extra lively ‘spritz’!


Use of a face mask can help remove impurities



Natural products – about 60% of what you put on your body moves through the skins barrier to be absorbed by your body.
Enough said – make it natural. Another reason to use Rustic Hyde made with Australian botanical superfoods and antioxidants. All the goodies!
Ps: This is just ‘the drill’! And it’s a quick one! We have linked our tips to our products – it would be silly not to really, but of course the choice is yours as to what you use, when and how you use it. These are really just a few ideas for Skin Care 101(!)which hopefully you have found helpful. Let us know if you think there is anything else we could elaborate on for a future blog! Open to ideas 😉