‘To Exfoliate Or Not To Exfoliate’ That Is The Question!

But what is the answer?

Well, if you’re anything like most people it all starts sounding too confusing – when do I exfoliate, how do I exfoliate, why should I exfoliate and what do I exfoliate with?! Aaarrrgggghhh

Cast your mind to a summer beach holiday and those carefree days on the sand – lo and behold the skin on your feet is different – the dead dry skin has disappeared. Bliss.

It’s a similar thing when you use an exfoliant on your face – but be careful. The skin on your face is delicate and you don’t want to look (or feel!) like you’ve used sandpaper.

We believe natural is always best so check to see if your product uses natural granules (the part that acts as the exfoliant). Many exfoliants use micro plastics, which are tiny beads that wash straight into the ocean potentially harming fish and other sea life.* Just check the label because it seems natural exfoliants are the best, for you and for the environment.

So why exfoliate the delicate skin on your face in the first place? It’s because as the skin dies, it dries out and the dead cells accumulate – sounds attractive so far doesn’t it! You can’t actually see the dead layer because the skin cells are microscopic – it’s more the results after you start using an exfoliant that you’ll notice.

By using a gentle exfoliant on your face you can remove this ‘dead’ layer to brighten and clear your skin so your skin can better absorb all the treatments you apply– the oil, moisturizer, cleanser, toner etc.

And as we get older it becomes even more important as cell turnover slows – (seriously, is there anything good about this ageing business??!!)

How to exfoliate

First things first…don’t become a member of the ‘over-scrubbers’ club! Gentle is good. Over time you will work out what works best for your particular skin type.

An ‘advertising warning’ – we are now about to talk about how to use our Rustic Hyde double action face exfoliant with bamboo granules (switch off here if you want to – promise we won’t be offended!)

  • Easy enough to use in the shower
  • Squeeze about a 20c piece size of exfoliant onto your hand and gently massage into your face (avoiding the even more gentle eye area), neck and décolletage then simply rinse off with warm water under the shower (or with a cloth if you’re not showering)
  • Use once or twice a week (or when you remember!!) – you’ll work out what works best for you and your skin type
  • After patting skin dry, gently apply your usual oil and moisturizer then usual make up routine or leave moisturizer etc to sink in overnight
  • Don’t forget sunscreen after use – remember you have just removed a layer (even though it was dead!)
  • And of course don’t exfoliate if you have any cuts, infection, sunburn, and cold sore on your skin – try a bit of TLC until cleared!



Thanks for reading – if there’s anything you would like us to look into for you let us know – info@rustichyde.com.au

Ps: If you are interested in knowing more about our Rustic Hyde Double Action Face Exfoliant click here.


*The Guardian, April 2016 and www.beatthemicrobead.org