What Are The Benefits Of Charcoal Soap?


Activated charcoal & skin care – What the ??!?!

Two words we seem to be seeing a bit of in skin care conversations But if you’re anything like us, all we want to know is – what is it? Why should I use it… and how?!

So – lets start at the beginning, because like many things charcoal isn’t new and has been used in medicines and heath related care for thousands of years – the ancient Egyptians used it as a poultice (a paste made believed to have healing properties and used for inflammation, soreness as a treatment) and in the 18th century chemists & pharmacists studied charcoal to discover its ability to provide protection from toxins. Its believed that charcoal is able to absorb 100 times its own weight in toxins. That is one heavy duty ‘assistant’!

So how does this relate to skin care? Good question. Medical News Today reported that ‘…activated charcoal can help draw micro-particles, such as dirt, dust, chemicals, toxins and bacteria to the surface of the skin, to make removing them easier.’ And that is where activated charcoal soap comes in – it binds to help remove skin impurities which may help the treatment of acne, some use it to help psoriasis and eczema, and for dry cracked skin – making it sound like it’s suitable for all skin types.

On the one hand it removes excess oil from the skin whilst also nourishing and moisturizing. Producing a rich lather providing a luxurious and might we even say ‘pampered’ feel to the skin Activated Charcoal Soap is the good oil – and speaking of good oils – our Rustic Hyde Noir Activated Charcoal Soap (link to product) is an all natural hand made soap with coconut and olive oils. Detoxifying activated charcoal and refreshing eucalyptus oil make Noir ideal as a facial or body soap – nourishing and long-lasting (for a soap!) with a soft, foamy lather.