Self Care, Affirmations and Angels Podcast

Rachel Scoltock Angel Medium and energy therapist and Peta Watson founder of Rustic Hyde Skincare discuss the importance of paying attention to self-care in particular ways, including the use of affirmations and connecting with your angels for guidance and healing. Peta is a mum, a wife and a business owner and not long ago she


Self-Love starts with our thoughts

Self Love starts with our thoughts “This month I focus on love and gratitude. I allow love to flow through me and out into the world at large, and watch as it comes back to me tenfold. And I take the opportunity to express my thanks at every turn, knowing that Life will give me


“I Am Grateful” – Affirmations and why we include them on our products.

Hello ! I would love to help you embrace self-care as a nourishing daily ritual that inspires positive thoughts to help you love and accept yourself just as you are and create more inner peace and fulfillment in your life. What we think is just as important as what we put on our skin or feed our


My journey back to self-care. Part 4 What I know now.

“Where attention goes, energy flows” Self-care isn’t just some airy fairy, self-indulgent concept. It’s a core component to becoming your most joyful, creative and effective self. Not to mention, you’ll be enormously more patient and present with family and friends, too. You will achieve so much more by slowing down and giving yourself time to


My journey back to Self-Care part 3 – the tools that transformed my life

I’m so grateful that I made a choice to break the cycle of stress, anxiety and feeling of being overwhelmed that was suffocating me and preventing me from living the balanced life I desired. BREATHE: It’s amazing how we actually forget to slow down and just breathe! In the thick of my mini break down,


My journey back to Self-Care – part 2. Living with high functioning anxiety and burnout.

Just before my mum was diagnosed with cancer at the end of 2015, I could feel a huge shift happening inside of me and I had no control over it. I still have trouble putting into words how this shift made me feel but it sent me into a tail spin! It was a real


My journey back to Self-Care – part 1

“Every thought we think is creating our future” Louise Hay Welcome to my Soul Blog! I’m really excited (and a little bit nervous) to be sharing some of my story with you all. These are my own thoughts, experiences, beliefs and opinions and I encourage you to find the things that connect and resonate with