Antioxidants and superfoods are becoming widely renowned, talked about and recognized for the natural goodness and boost they give to our bodies – both inside and out!

Here are some of our favourites, why we love them and which products you can find them in. If you know of others that you love please let us know!

And you may well be asking what is an antioxidant? … And a Superfood??

Sooooooo many names, so many good things…

Quite the ingredient around town at the moment, activated charcoal helps to rid the body of toxins and traps unwanted particles
Often used to treat skin ailments such as acne, as it binds with dirt and other environmental toxins that cause the irritation

RH products: Activated Charcoal Soap

2. AHA & BHA
‘Shine on Through’ (our very own Elton John moment) – Unglue the bonds holding the dead dull skin on the surface of your skin
Skin naturally exfoliates every day but over time & with sun exposure this process slows & skin can becoe dry, flaky, clogged & enlarged pores & uneven skin tone
AHA & BHA help skin exfoliate buildup & that helps your soft hydrated skin beneath ‘…shine on through’

RH products: Exfoliant

Light texture that easily absorbs into the skin and contains Vitamin A

‘Vera…. I said ‘allo’. Sorry we just couldn’t resist (and know you wish we would strongly resist that urge!)
Aloe barbadensis, or aloe vera, is a succulent plant offering many benefits which is suited fto all skin types, especially dry, damaged and sensitive skin. Known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, humectant and soothing, anti-itch qualities when used on the skin.
Composed mainly of water, along with
• Polysaccharides giving aloe its hydrating, emollient and anti-inflammatory benefits, while creating a protective barrier on the skin.
• Anthraquinones, which offer antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics.
• Flavones offering further protection from free-radical damage.
• Phytosterols as anti-inflammatories, calm and soothe itchy skin, whilst also moisturizing and protecting the skin from trans-epidermal water loss
• Glycosides which promote healthy cell regeneration and offer antihistaminic (anti-allergen) properties, while vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids nourish the skin.

RH products: Hydration Mist, Dry Touch Sunscreen

Don’t you just love the name?
What could be more Australian, and reminiscent of our harsh extremes, than Kakadu. Not too mention that its just super…
An Australian native superfood & identified as the worlds richest source of Vit C.
Full of antioxidants (that work to detoxify and flush out toxins), bioactive & medicinal properties
Great for every skin tyoe, particularly blemish prone skin

RH Products: Cleanser, Antioxidant Face Cream

Good for hydrating and softening the skin and often recommended for use on irritated skin

RH products: Country Bliss Hand & Body Wash

Acts as a physical exfoliant and is rich in mineral salts and silica.

RH products: Double Action Face Exfoliant

Helps other ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin – it moisturizes deep down
Inhibits the enzymes in skin that cause collagen to break down whilst also stimulating collagen (keeps the skin elastic & firm) production

RH Products: Deliciae Eye Cream

High in fatty acids helping to hydrate, nourish the skin and improve elasticity by forming a protective barrier over the skin

RH products: Buller Bliss Hand & Body Custard

10. COQ10
When you talk about radicals do you think of songs (goggle it – you will be Surprised but Supertramp find it ‘Logical, lyrical…’), the naughty teenager next door, or the free radicals that are in the environment?
The last one is why you’re here – CoQ10 is an antioxidant
Helps to neutralize harmful free radicals that affect the cell regenerating functions of collagen & elastin
Skin soothing effects
Oil sinks straight in and delivers a boost of nutrients

RH products: CoQ10 & Rosehip Complex Oil

Tastes great in summer salads and…
Flesh of the cucumber is mostly water but contains ascorbic acid, Vit C & caffeic acid which soothe skin irritation & reduce swelling
These help prevent water retention – helpful for swollen eyes (& we can all do with a bit of help at times!)
High antioxidant levels & hydration due to high water levels

RH products: Recovery Eye Gel

Epsom is not actually a salt but a naturally occurring mineral compound of magnesium & sulfate, both of which are readily absorbed into the skinto enjoy the associated health benefits
i. Reducing inflammation
ii. Helping muscle & nerve function
iii. Sulfates – increase absorption of nutrients, flush toxins & help ease migraine headaches
Used for hundreds of years to sooth the body, mid & soul
Stress drains the body of magnesium, Epsom Salts replenish magnesium & produce serotonin a mood elevating chemical (calm & relaxation)

RH products: Bath Soaks
What can we say except… ‘Giles, run that bath now’

Beam me up Scotty – for an ‘out of this world’ feel to your skin…
Hempseed Oil is dubbed ‘natures most perfectly balanced oil’
Offers all 21 known amino acids & offers balanced 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential fatty acids understood to be optimum balance for healthy skin

RH products: Hand & Body Custard, Lip Balm

Our Australian Lanolin is a totally natural emollient which protects and hydrates the skin – it is gentle and non-greasy. Great for skin that is dry from sun exposure to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles

RH products: Pure Country Hand & Body Cream

A flowering plant native to Australia which contains minerals such as calcium, zinc and magnesium in good amounts, as well as vitamins A and E.
Believed to act as a stress reliever and filling you with positive feelings, it is also thought to be helpful in treating oily skin which can contribute to acne.
Has antioxidant properties that eliminate free radicals from your system.

RH products: Cream Cleanser

Lightweight oil high in Omega fatty acids which are gentle, regenerative and moisturizing to the skin whilst being non-greasy and easily absorbed

RH Products: Pure Country Hand & Body Cream

From the lips to the hips? Not with this sweetie… a guilt free version of its sugary namesake!
Anti-microbial, antioxidant & anti-inflammation properties
Mild – suitable for skin sensitivity
Acts as a humectant which helps hydrate the skin

RH products: Hydration Mist

‘Beauty editors cant get enough of this unsung hero’…’ a multi-tasking maverick’ (Glamour Daily). Enough said?!
An effective skin restoring ingredient that offers multiple benefits for outdoor and ageing skin
Ability to improve appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines & dullness

RH products: Antioxidant face cream

This is the deep dive…
antioxidant which stimulates cells responsible for firm healthy skin, in the deep layers of your skin
Reduces the appearance of scars – essential fatty acids
Moisturizes, brightens & hydrates
Vit A to go deeper into the skin & improve moisture levels
Natural source of Vit E – anti-inflammatory calms & hydrates dry & sensitive skin

RH products: CoQ10 & Rosehip Complex Oil

Moisturises dry skin and reduces inflammation whilst acting as an anti-ageing and anti-free radical agent

RH products: Buller Bliss Hand & Body Custard

It’s a quirky name which we love but to summarise….Ah yes help is here…
Contains over 20 minerals & 60 antioxidant (3x more Vit C than carrots!.
If that’s not enough theres a potent amount of Vit E, Fatty acids & Omegas
Boosts elasticity, hydration & inflammation

RH products: Recovery Eye Gel

The list keeps going – we could talk for hours about all the botanicals we choose and use for our products but… we have a feeling we might lose your interest along the way 😉 if we keep going.
If there is an ingredient in particular that you would like to know more about or think we should be using – let us know…
Here are a final few, just in case you’re still interested…

Tapioca starch
serves to stabilize emulsions & aids in the delivery of key ingredients to skin

RH products: Dry Touch Sunscreen

Tea Tree Oil
Works as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial

RH products: Casia Clay Face Mask – coming soon.

Green Tea
Antioxidants work to fight premature ageing whilst reducing redness and puffiness & clears clogged pores (just to name a few great actions!)
RH products: Recovery Eye Gel