Its terminology we hear often living in Australia – the Great Outdoors. And of course it means many things to many people – from a movie with Dan Aykroyd & Annette Bening (a fun ‘family on vacation flick’ of a family camping in the woods – what could possibly go wrong??!), a travel magazine, a TV travel series , a camping (or even glamping!) expedition, or simply an afternoon with friends over a BBQ in … you guessed it… your own great outdoors.

At Rustic Hyde we live and love the outdoor life that is so quintessentially Australian. Whether it be on the land, by the sea, in the high country, a local park or your own back yard… breathe it in and enjoy. It’s all there for you – enjoyment, health and adventure.

Here are some essentials:


Seriously if you live in Australia just don’t leave home without an ‘emergency’ stash of spf. Even on dull days the UV can be high. Look after yourself.

60ml Sunscreen 500ml Sunscreen

Mozzie Spray

The bane of an enjoyable evening outdoors the zzzzz of the mozzie. Not much more to say except this is a natural product and we enjoy our time outdoors ‘critter-free’.

125ml Mozzie Spray

Hydration Mist

Humidity, exercise, hot days and wind can all lay havoc with your skin. Our Hydration mist is the perfect antidote to ‘freshen up’ and works over make-up also.

125ml Hydration Mist

Lip Balm

‘Dry chapped lips’ – I just want to reach for this soothing stick at the thought. And the size is pocket-friendly.

Natural Lip Balm

Body Custard

Great for hands (and feet – at night before bed) to moisturize and protect.

Buller Bliss Hand & Body Custard Pure Country Hand & Body Custard

Body Salts

If your camping adventure doesn’t extend to including a bath keep these to revitalize – and maybe even clean off any accumulated mud 😉 when you get home! You deserve it!

Bath Salts in Apothecary Jar Bath Salts – Contemplation / Replenish